Fall Finale at WSP

ALL OF THE Fall Finale Pictures HERE!!

Free practice round 1pm Saturday
(for racers signed up Sunday)

Gates Open 11am-10pm Sat for overnighters
 Sunday 6am

Sign up 11am-2pm Sat and 7-9am Sun

Rider's Meeting 8:45am
Practice Starts at 9am

If you own one...  When you are done charging it
(PLEASE charge it :) 4 -6 hours or so after racing then
you can leave it in it's charging cradle, unplugged and it
will be "put to sleep" So that it will have a full charge when you
arrive at the track

One Day $10
Transponder Purchase $150
Rent Transponder for $10 a day
or join the Rent to Own Program for $15 a day
Rent to own at WSP
1st and 2nd classes $35 - 3rd and 4th $20


With Contingency from:

Saturday Festivities Schedule

October 16, 2010
Sign Up for Sunday's Race
from 11-2pm
1 Free Practice Practice Round at 1pm
20 Minutes- 1 per Rider
1pm Novice Big Bikes
1:20pm 50/65
1:40pm 85
2pm AM/ Ex Big Bikes

Pumpkin Carving Contest
1st Place 2011 WSP Membership
2nd Place Race Entry
3rd Place WSP Tee-shirt

4:30 WSP Chili Contest
(At the picnic Tables)
1st Place 4 pack Banquet Tickets
2nd Place Race Entry
3rd Place WSP Tee-Shirt

5pm WSP Family Pot Luck
Everyone Bring good stuff to share!

6:30-7pm WSP Halloween Parade

Wear your costumes
and Bring LOTS of candy!

& Then.. WSP GAMES!

& A Nice Warm Bonfire


What a GREAT way to end the Supercross Season!
It was a chilly overnight but, warmed up to be a super
nice fall day to race.  The bicycle and RC races were
entertaining to say the least!  Funny and something different
 to do.  The Fire pit was toasty and Dave's Chili helped
warm up some bellies on Saturday night.  Sunday came and battles
ensued all day as the competitors tried capturing precious points with
the series near ending as it's too close for many!  It's that time of
year when reality is setting in, we are all soon parting, all of us
retreating back to our own worlds.  The chill in the air tells us, it's
time, we know the cycle..... tis a season for all things!  See you
this weekend for the last blast, last points and last round of 2010!!

Monz did great at the finish!!


"The new sections are awesome"
August 21st MX
Photos below by Katilee Boisvert



It was a great day for a John Dowd School
and a perfect afternoon for NERC Practice!!


Supercross 8-14-10



Kids Fun Day!!

fun but soap made it BETTER!

The morning started out with our usual prayer of protection
by pastor Matthew but we added a racer and member of our WSP Family Kathi Bierwirth #801 to our prayers.  Kathi has been ill but got the great news that she was to receive her new kidney on Monday and it was nice to send her well wishes for a safe and successful surgery for her and her donor!

Girls & Women's Class wore
ribbons in honor of Kathi

Gave me chills to see this love and support!

VERY Nice touch Ladies!!

Kathi's transplant went excellently for her and her donor!!

Thanks LOCTITE!!!

See you Saturday night.......Under the lights!!



Over $1200 Awarded 7/24 for the Dan Cole Motocross
Scholarship for WSP racers heading to Loretta Lynns!
Good luck riders!!

July 24th Supercross was a muggy, muggy day!
It of course felt SO nice when the sun went down but, it felt
like heaven when you finally got into the shower after this one!!!
Tensions were a bit high with the summer heat and full moon, Dave
found himself settling more folks down this event.  (just a reminder...
racing is emotional heated at times, but we have to keep our cools)
The riders seemed to like the new track changes!!  Rich Winkler
from Dirt Wurx stopped by and was impressed with the turnout!
And the dirt was SO GOOD from Friday's rain!!

Kudos to Rick for working hard in Dan's Name!!
Raffles for the Scholarship fund!

Shooting T's

Lord we pray for a safe day

First time!



A For a Day at WSP awarded Over $1000.00
to GREAT Students on Saturday!  Some of you had FANTASTIC
report cards!  Keep up the good work....we LOVE smart racers!
It was a collective ahhhhhh.....when the sun went down Saturday.
Night time in July is the best time to race!!  We saw the lightening coming
from the west but, luckily got everyone's mains in, in time.  The raffle for the Dan
Cole Motocross Scholarship went well for the Southwick National tickets, thanks
to those who participated!  This Sat we will be having more goodies to raffle
and Dan's family will be choosing among the Scholarship applicants and awarding
them before they head off to the LL National starting the following weekend.
WSP was excited to be part of the process this year with the LL NE Area and is
proud to support the dreams of our New England Racers, Dan would be proud too!

Pelkey.....Helmet contest winner!

Get Your Supercross Fix IN!


July 3rd and 4th

Twas a busy weekend at WSP.  HOT STUFF!  We started off
with wiffle ball games behind the start on Friday night

then started the intense motos on Saturday.  It was easy to see that
the riders were pushing hard to make their final points for the
Spring Series. 

Beautiful National Anthem by Cooper Bouchard!

Thanks to Famous Stars and Stripes
for the Holeshot Awards!!

The kids were fishing by afternoon, getting ready
for their measures for the Fishing Derby but, we first finished the
race day and then headed under the tent for Lobsters, Clams and
Chicken or back to campers to have dinner. 

At 8pm Dean measured up the river catches and...
Brian # 239 - Caught a 9 1/2 ' Great White

Hunter # 538 - Caught a 9 1/4'  Whale Shark

Cody # 111 - Caught a 8 3/4' Blue Fin Tuna

(actual measures are below in inches not feet)

Thanks for participating....
Thanks Dean! 

Then Dean gets busy measuring brews!

After Dark the Fireworks were great!

Then on Sunday it was a new beginning!  Many promoted to B and
many had achieved their Spring series goals, Congratulations!
Saturday was SO hot and sunny and the prediction was for Sunday
to be much worse..........to our surprise some clouds helped filter out
some of the direct hot sun for much of the day, which was a relief. 


Member Appreciation Practice
Nice weather
Mint track
and free Lunch!


Pictures by Katilee Boisvert

JUNE 20th
Happy Father's Day!
Dad's Races....

Ready to go!!

Oh...do I have to?

Taking care of dad

No autographs please

Nice gate prep for the gate guy!

Someone is cracking Dave up

High Five!

Nice style

Bringing home the Hardware!!

Cooling Off!

First time!

Kenyon and Kendrick Pelkey won the Contest!!

All the weekends Photos HERE
(Sat Sx and Sun Mx) be patient....lots of photos to load

Blessing of the Bikes.....and blessing with the Weather!

On June 5th we woke and wondered...will we get it in? 
With the forecast prediction calling for a cooler, cloudy, rainy,
stormy day WITH a dash of tornado warnings....we had our doubts.
BUT.... INSTEAD we had sunny, hot day with a dash of one shower
followed by the most perfect summer night to race! 

Pictures by Katilee Boisvert

Pastor Worrall  blessing  bikes - Thank you!

Youngest Boisvert Referee in training

Photos below by Paul Buckley

WSP Night Riders!!



Check it out - videos are up!

 LL Area Qualifier May 15 & 16  
 Winchester Speedpark Mx

Nearly 700 Entries!
Fantastic Weather!
Awesome Competition!
For those of you who made it......... Congratulations!!


Qualifying procedure


Pictures by Katilee Boisvert

Congratulations to all that qualified and competed this weekend!

Rain Soaked MESS!!!
For those Die hard racers who toughed it out in 2 feet of mud, KUDOS!
And a BIG Kudos to the Moms who got out there.....YUCK!
We will have to try it again on a bright day on a beautifully groomed track!
Double points for you crazy mudders!  You earned it!!!!
Thank you SO much for the flowers brought to the Office Mommas!

How did your # plate stay clean?

Smiling or scowling?  Probably the later.... :)

See you next time.....hopefully under sunny skies!


Double Weekend at WSP
May 1st SX - May 2nd MX

Pictures by Katilee Boisvert

Huckin it

Highwire acts at WSP

Suspended in air

Launching shirts.....

Wanting shirts....

Diving for shirts....

Dowdy helping with Half time track maintenance

Rick From Marshall Distributing with one of the many
WSP members getting a piece of the 15 thousand KMS/Marshall Contingency $$

Then over to the MX side....


The fast kids

First weekend with yellow plates!

Did you get beat by a girl?  It's ok, this girl is fast!

Holeshot around the corner...

See full size image

Nice 2 finger clutch...Did Dowdy teach you that?

Cleaned up!

Cutie Patootie!

See you next time at the Races!!

Master Photog Paul B....has lots for you to see!

Saturday Sx Opening Day
April 27th

Go Joe!
Free and clear!
Yee Haw (HOLD ON!)
YES!  It's mine!
Tight - oh....it's Supercross!
I got my game on!
Get er done
See full size image



Paul Buckley Photos from Sunday



Spills Chills and Thrills!
at WSP

Round 1 Opening day went off here at Winchester
Speedpark to a crisp, sunny, dry day.  Everyone did
a great job trading in their boot transponders and
either purchasing or renting or renting to own the
new WEER ones.  It was a learning experience for all
and really, it went excellent!  This new system and new
transponder is much stronger and more accurate than the
boot ones.  Last year as we pushed the boot model as far
as it could go, the girls in the scoring tower had missed hits
across the loop and we had to rescore races more and more.
Yesterday....was spot on!  It will be something to think about as
you'll have to charge them but, this ensures that they do
stay strong and we won't miss any reads and you will ALWAYS
be scored perfectly.  These will last 8 years, that's awesome!
Now that the yearly waivers are done, sign up will be much
easier for the rest of the season!  We will be busy creating all
the Mechanic Passes and Membership cards this week so
that you'll be ready to go for the year.  Our DOUBLE DAY at
WSP paid off.  We will be choosing these days throughout
the season where we DOUBLE the pro payout.  Kip Komosa
raced 3 classes and walked away with a whooping
And we gave out Contingency cards from KMS to ALL top 3
riders in every class!!  We had a lot of new faces, so welcome
to our racing family, where we from April to October
 gather to compete, where everyone else there understands
your crazy love of the look, sound and smells of a finely tuned
motorcycle..........empathizes with the frustration of
a uncooperative machine or a costly gear miss or even a trip to
visit the emt's......where everyone there speaks your language ( see below)    AND........appreciates the unbelievable feeling of a perfect
holeshot, pass or victory where you feel alive in full hyper awareness,
high adrenaline......and when it all clicks, and you find that         perfect groove......SO AWESOME!

See you at the Races!
(pics of 4-11 below)

Dirt bike Language:

4-11-10 Pictures
by Katilee Boisvert


Fly High again!
Oh no, oh no, here we go now....

WSP Supercross Opening Day April 24th
Format for Opening Day Sx is different than regular Sx events as this is a brand new track layout that no one has ridden.  This track was built and designed for ALL levels by Dave Boisvert and  Rich Winkler of Dirt Wurx,(watch for his article on WSP Sx this week on his site)  Rich is the Super talented owner/creator of Dirt Wurx that draws, creates, builds and maintains the Pro AMA Sx tracks you see on TV!!  With Rich's creative eye, years of experience with tracks and the sport and with Dave's years of experience building and maintaining his and other tracks with Rich, coupled with his connection to his riders and their needs, they feel this is a challenging, exciting, unique, safe track for WSP SX 2010!!
If you are unsure about Sx, this is THE event to come to as you will get the most practice before racing so you'll be more comfortable before racing

Here is the format:
1 Site Lap
5 Practice Laps
4 Lap Heat
Longer Mains
For those who have not raced a Sx
The Heat is gate pick and the Main is your overall finish 
(we do give championship points on both the heat and main)
We break at Half time for track grooming and t-shirt Launching
This is a PERFECT track to spectate as you can see
ALL the Action!!!! 
As with ALL of our new layouts Dave observes all levels to
see where the track works and where is may not and he
will adjust and tweek if need be.
Fly High again!



Photos by Karen Bradley


Dirt Wurx Re-builds Winchester

Amateur Supercross (ASX) Championship
Sunday March 7th

It was a beautiful sunny, 70 degree day to ride
with over 700 entries at Daytona Am Sx Day!

Results here

Photos by Karen Bradley

Some WSP members felt at home with Dave at the start :)

See you in a few weeks in New Hampshire!




Daytona Bike Week!!

Daytona Speedway
For more photos HERE



2009 Awards Banquet
Sat February 6th 2010

What a GREAT weekend at the Courtyard by Marriot and CoCo Key Water
Resort!!  We fit perfectly, the food was plentiful and tasty and no one
had to battle through a snow storm coming OR going!

Congratulations to our:

2009 Spring Jr Grand Champion
Dylan Diamond
2009 Spring Grand Champion
Donald Demers
2009 Fall Jr Grand Champion
Scott Byron
2009 Fall Grand Champion
Andrew St Jacques

2009 Mother of the Year
Audra Holmes
2009 Father of the Year
Mark Chase
2009 Family of the Year
The Martel-Tovani Family

and to all of the Champions and Racers being awarded
Great Job!!

Banquet Pictures:

 Keene Motorsports was in the house!!

New England's #1 Photographer...Paul Buckley

The Best Suspension........Period
Factory Connection

Katilee with Barry Stacy, WSP's New Head Referee

Audra Holmes "Mother of the Year"

Buckley Photo
 A packed house of 470!

Buckley Photo
Everyone got a new bag with goodies!

Buckley Photo

Buckley Photo
We had 76 Ironman awards!
These racers STARTED and FINISHED
Every Heat, Main AND Moto in their class!
Talk about Strong minds, bodies AND wrenching Skills!

Buckley Photo
Reagan shows off her new Jacket!  Hard Earned!!

Buckley Photo

After the Banquet many of us hit the water park to play!
What a ball we had.  Two slides go outside and shoot
you back in after zipping through in a rush!  Many of
us were hoarse from screaming :)
It was a balmy 84 Degrees in there, toasty!

The Jacuzzi went outside too!

Little Gonzales was a little fish!

Thanks CoCo Key, we'll be back!




We ALL appreciate your Generosity and Support!!

Thank you to James, Cathy, Linda, Barry, Donn,
Pete, Deb, Karen and Mike for the gift you presented to
us at the banquet!  We LOVE working with you guys
and couldn't imagine it otherwise! Thank YOU!
Suzanne & Dave
kittenarmful.jpg image by bluearmadillo
Group Hug! :)