Update: 2-19-17

David and I are happy to announce that our tracks, house and shop are under agreement. We were surprised and pleased when Deb and Fran McNamara from Townsend, Ma contacted us about the sale.The family has raced here every season for a decade and Deb has worked in the office for over 5 years. They know the sport, they know the park, they know the racers, they know the staff, which is perfect.

The McNamaras have a solid business plan and are approved for the purchase. They plan to move into the house and transition into their roles as owners this spring. We will be with them along the way and will stay until they are comfortable with the operations.

They have contacted WSP staff and they of course are excited to work with them and that all will continue as usual. 
 We have great faith that they will keep Winchester the awesome facility and tracks they are and bring their own flavor to this magical place. Winchester MX, surrounded by mountains and wrapped in a river, with it's rich loomy soil, green grass and campground like atmosphere is the premier playground to Motocross enthusiasts and especially families. Winchester SX, will continue the racing traditions it's had since the 1950's, an exciting unique side to race on and spectate. 
 The McNamaras will purchase and take over operations of Winchester Motorsports, Renny Davis, who is the manager there, will stay on and is also happy with the sale.

It's a lot they are taking on, and we hope the MX Community will help make them feel welcome and supported and appreciated as great tracks are not around every corner. You can be sure they will be working hard to preserve and protect your passion and awesome weekends here at WSP!

Quote from the McNamaras:
"We are very excited to continue the operation of Winchester Speedpark. We are stepping into very big shoes and will do our best to continue providing our members and the racing community with the same racing experience they have come to know and expect from Winchester Speedpark. Thank you Dave and Suzanne for this opportunity and thank you to all of the staff for your continued support to make this transition a success."

Deb and Fran McNamara

2017 Schedule is here: http://winchesterspeedpark.com/schedule.htm

Sign up for 2017 Membership here:

It has been a fun, exciting and rewarding experience for David and I (Suzanne) creating Winchester Speedpark. We thank you all for making it what it is today. God bless

Suzanne and David Boisvert

So what about NEMX? The new owners of WSP Deb and Fran McNamara will retain 50% of New England Motocross so its home base, membership and banquet stay as is. The other 50% will be owned by great friends of theirs and ours, Cathy and Mark Caputo. Together they will be present and available at NEMX events to provide the attention riders need while traveling to the awesome tracks New England has to offer. 
You have seen both women at the WSP office and both men racing on the track. It's a great team and they'll do a great job of carrying on and growing our vision of a family based travel series here in NE!

Update: 1/24/17
The response to this sale has been overwhelming.  It's been hard to keep up and provide information to individuals.  We decided to add more here so that a potential buyer can see if this is even affordable to them
or not.  The sale is mainly the actual price of the Real Estate Value.  We are selling Both Tracks, Winchester Motorsports and the House for $1,550,000.  Having said that, a buyer would need approx $300,000 down payment for most commercial financing. If you meet
this criteria, please contact us for more details and include a brief description of your qualifications in operating a facility like this.  Thank you, Suzanne and David Boisvert




Hello WSP and NEMX MX Community, Racers and Family!
David and I purchased the Small Track in 2002 and took it from
a runned down, trash and junk filled property with animals and residents and
cleaned it up over the years and made a great Arenacross then Supercross Facility.
Then we purchased the land across the street which was a corn field and went
through the long, expensive and grueling process of creating another permitted race track.
The Motocross track was opened in 2005.  We worked hard each year to build and expand new
sign up buildings, bathrooms, scoring tower, pavilions, great sound, water systems, start pad, and of course the track that Dave takes such great care of and changes often!
We along with others, created The New England Regional Championship, which became an enormous success that we were so proud of, trying to make our local riders feel like pros! 
We implemented transponders first, we introduced Kiosk sign up, live results and fast and reliable race results with a smile!  During the down time a few years back, the vendors stopped coming to the races so we decided to build an onsite shop, Winchester Motorsports, with that shop we are able to save many race days from ending with the convenience of onsite parts/repair and the shop allows us to give back to the racers at events and the banquet as a sponsor! We acquired New England Motocross and it all came together so nicely!
We have strived and worked each year, enjoying our race families and events!

Most of you that know us know we found a wonderful property that we would like to convert into a Recovery House for drug addiction.  This is a huge undertaking.  We will need our time and resources to do this.  With all that you have seen us do, you may guess that David is a do-er and honestly, he has done all he has set out to do here at Winchester Speedpark.
We are ready for a new challenge and chapter in our lives.
We have, after 15 years, decided to sell Winchester Speedpark, both tracks.
The house would have to go with it as the land on the SMX side runs together with the house lot
and it's really an ideal place to live and manage the facility.  It's a fun job, especially if you love the sport!

NO worries to our current 2017 Members and staff and scheduled events.  We will, IF we find the right buyer/fit be around this season to "have smooth transition of power"  haha to quote the inauguration

This kind of sale is complicated and may take time anyhow.  It’s a turn key at this point as it’s done so to speak, but you must come excited to bring ideas and energy as Motocross is evolving and it’s always been innovative here!  It's NOT a business to buy if you think it's going to make you rich.  It's not like everyone imagines, but it provides a good life and you have
nearly 5 months off in the off season to pursue other things.  

This sale would include:
Motocross Track
Supercross Track
Winchester Motorsports
4 Bedroom House

If you are SERIOUSLY able to and wish to see your life here
Please contact us by email to discuss

We are busy planning for a great banquet and awesome season here at Winchester Speedpark, along with our traveling Org New England Motocross!   

We own this until we don't, so we promise to work as hard as we always have.  And even after will do all that we can to train a new owner(s) for as long as they need.  Yours, Suzanne & David Boisvert